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About Luraco

Born in Arlington, Texas, and founded in 2005, Luraco Technologies is a high-tech corporation dedicated to providing research, advanced technologies, and innovative products to the military, residential, commercial, and industrial sectors. Our technical staff includes engineers and scientists that specialize in advanced robotic system designs, sensors and controls, embedded systems, mixed-signal electronic designs, software application developments, PCB designs, condition-based monitoring, and mechanical system designs. Our employees have a passion for delivering quality products with outstanding Customer Service.

Luraco’s mission is to foster the research and development of new technologies for next-generation, high-performance-based residential, commercial, and government applications, and to promote job opportunities in the U.S.A. We are very proud to consider our products as “MADE IN THE USA” with our Massage Chairs being the only massage chairs that qualify as Made in America (all others come from Asia).

Luraco has been recognized with distinguished awards including New World Report’s “Best Advanced Research Technology Company- Texas”, “CES Mark of Excellence” by the Consumer Technology Association, “Export Achievement” award by the U.S. Department of Commerce and the Small Business Administration recognized member of the “Made in America Movement”, one of Dallas’s “Top 100 Companies”, “Top Defense Contractor in Tarrant County” as well as many accolades for the various products we make.

Luraco owns 43 issued Patents and 8 pending Patents. For more information about Luraco, please visit our website


Why Luraco?

On the journey of finding out which massage chair is the best for you, frustration can set in. Many importers and resellers intentionally mislead consumers by inflating prices which lead people to believe “the products are of high quality” or false statements as they are “FDA Approved”. No brand can be FDA “approved” but can only be FDA “Registered.”

As a U.S. manufacturer, we do not confuse consumers with misleading marketing tactics. We want to educate consumers on what is truly a LUXURY-LEVEL massage chair and deliver a Top-Quality Massage Chair that meets our customer’s expectations. Aside from the Novel Advanced Technologies and Patented Inventions, the followings are the reasons why Luraco massage chairs are TRULY the best on the market.

ENGINEERING RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT: As a U.S based technology firm, Luraco has invested aggressively in the Engineering Department over the last 18 years. Our engineering staff is highly skilled with expertise in various technical fields. We have developed many advanced high-tech engineering solutions for the U.S. Department of Defense, specifically for the U.S. Army and U.S. Air force. From the conception of an idea, Luraco robotic massage chairs are researched and developed by in-house Engineers and Research Scientists whose goal is to create advanced and best technologies for massage physical therapy. Innovation is the key motivator proven by a successful line of premium massage chairs and over 43 Awarded U.S-Patented Inventions.

SCIENTIFICALLY-BACKED RESEARCH STUDY: Luraco massage chairs are the ONLY in the industry that has been independently studied. This study validated the hypothesis that Luraco Massage chairs would provide physical and mental health benefits, including lowering heart rate, lowering blood pressure, lowering perceived pain levels, and lowering perceived stress levels. (Click here for the research publication)

MADE IN USA: Thanks to American manufacturing standards, tight quality controls, and no compromising quality over cost, we are proud to display the U.S. Flag on our products. Luraco massage chairs are also proud to be the selected brand used on U.S Military bases, Large High-Tech Corporations like Sysco Systems and Google, Health Care and Fitness Facilities, and in Veteran Hospitals giving relief to our Military Heroes.

SAFETY FIRST: Many people don’t realize how difficult it is to pass UL (Underwriters’ Laboratories) safety standards and obtain UL safety certification in the United States. Massage chairs are high-power electronic equipment and are plugged directly into a high-voltage wall power outlet. Therefore, it holds a risk to cause a short circuit, fire, or cause harm to people, especially the elderly. Luraco Engineers make sure our massage chairs pass the most stringent safety standards; so the chairs are safe to be in the house. Also, many people don’t know that to have a massage chair used in a place of business, the law requires it to pass UL safety standards.

• BEST WARRANTY IN THE INDUSTRY: Luraco proudly stands behind every chair we manufacture. With premium quality materials used, the i9 Max Series comes with a full 3-year in-home service, 5 years for parts, and a 10-year warranty for leather. Due to the airbag compression and roller motions, the leather on the massage chair gets stretched out. Low-quality leather is likely to be cracked after a few years of use. Massage chairs are considered a piece of furniture in the house just like a sofa. If the leather is torn, the chair is no good. ALWAYS LOOK INTO WHO IS THE MANUFACTURER OF THE CHAIR AND THEIR WARRANTY AS IT GIVES AN INDICATION OF THE QUALITY AND HOW MUCH THE MANUFACTURER STANDS BEHIND THEIR PRODUCTS.

CUSTOMER SERVICE and AFTER-SALE SUPPORT: As with every electronic device, there may be issues that come up down the road. While we hope this does not happen with our Luraco chairs, we have a team of Technical Support experts ready to assist our customers if it does. By calling 817-633-1080 Option 2 (Monday-Friday 8:30-5:00 CST), one of our reps will be available to assist. As a U.S. manufacturer, Luraco is dedicated to after-sales service and customer satisfaction. As part of this customer satisfaction commitment, Luraco Engineers work hard to be the first and only manufacturer to provide customers with lifetime unlimited free software updates conveniently over-the-air.

In summary, these are only a few of the reasons why we feel that Luraco massage chairs are superior to the imported chairs that are being privately labeled and shipped to America. We know that an educated consumer is also a wise customer and we hope this helps you in your journey of finding the best massage chair for you. We recommend you do your own research on the chair features, quality, and after-sale support. Do not listen to retailers as some of them may lure buyers into a product that they will make more profit from. When you purchase a Luraco massage chair, you purchase from the industry leader with top quality and many inventions making you a proud owner of the chair. So, if you are looking for the best massage chair in the world, you are at the right place and look no further.



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